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  • Simer Course 1 Simer Course Instructor 1

    How to apply make up like a professional

    by Sewa artistry

    This makeup course will show you little things you can do to spice up how you look, best products to use and what to focus on when applying your makeup regardless of your skin tone or shape of face. You will learn basic make-up skills, how to choose the correct foundation and concealer, how to apply & blend eye make-up, eyebrow shaping, false lashes etc. No previous makeup experience required!

  • Simer Course 2 Simer Course Instructor 2

    How to loose 5kg in 7 days

    by Seyi Shedams

    I have helped a lot of people become more physically fit and shedding as much as 27.9kg of their body mass. if you allow me to guide you, you will shed 5kg in 7 days.

  • Simer Course 3 Simer Course Instructor 3

    How to draw cartoon characters from scratch

    by Dominic Omoarukhe

    I'll be showing you the basic steps needed to draw and illustrate a cartoon character's body dynamics, facial expressions, character in motion e.t.c. also i'll show you some tricks to make your drawing easier and more convenient. Your 3-page project will showcase different illustrations of your own cartoon character.

  • Simer Course 4 Simer Course Instructor 4

    Journey into music

    by Dominic Omoarukhe

    Music is all around us. music is to be felt and enjoyed. my goal is to increase your understanding and appreciation of music. we will go through different examples of music, study the basics and look at different applications.

  • Simer Course 5 Simer Course Instructor 5

    Introduction to project management

    by Kayode Ayo

    projects being temporary endeavours which serve to produce unique products and services tend to serve as a more direct route to attaining strategic goals and objectives. project management involves the application of information, tools, skills and techniques to activities involved in a project to meet defined goals and objectives.

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